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World leaders in Thermal radiation technology for buildings.
4Eclima simple and easy to install.
+ more reliability
Can be adapted to fit different ceiling materials.

+ more versatility

Uniform temperatures to create a healthy and comfortable environment.
Designed to last.
+ more confort
Clean and healthy spaces, no noise pollution, no accumulation of contaminants.
Health comes first!
+ more health
The 4EClima thermal ceiling !you don’t see it, you feel it! The 4EClima system is based on thermal radiation, so that the temperature is equal over the whole area of the room.

Where there are 4EClima thermal ceilings the environment is cleaner, healthier and comfortable, with no air conditioning units there is no air current variation from the fans and no noise pollution and no pipe joints.

Therefore, no maintenance required. Internationally patented system.

Clean Technology

Acoustic insulation

Incorporates a certified acoustic insulator material

No noise pollution

No motors and fans are required in the 4EClima system

Thermal insulation

It incorporates a thermal insulation material

Aluminium surface

It is recyclable and reusable

Control by zones

Manage your temperature as you like

No annoying air drafts

Air is reduced to ventilation, oxygenation, and odor elimination

2+8 warranty years

Reliable and safe

Continuous piping circuit

Designed to last

Energy saving up to 50% compared with air diffusion systems


Because it is designed to last
Complies with the principles of the circular economy
Reduce, Recycle and Reuse (Certified)


You don’t see it,
you feel it!

A clean and healthy way of thermally conditioning the environment


The perfect
for you

Easy to integrate lighting and all the installations in a building

4EClima is

Thermal radiation is a source of life in nature, with 4EClima it is in the building.

brings silence

No machines are required. It makes your space the ideal place to rest, read, chat and enjoy.

It is applicable in Hospitals, Hotels, Libraries, Geriatric Residences, Senior Residences and in general to Residential and Non-Residential buildings.

Feel envolved
with 4EClima

Spaces with uniform temperature. Air movement is reduced to renovation, necessary to oxygenate, eliminate odors and contaminants. Maximum energy rating obtained in buildings, DGNB Platinum certification.