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The 4Eclima system

The 4Eclima thermal system is installed inside the ceiling surface and provides the building with two advantages: it reduces energy demands and efficiently meets sensitive temperature requirements during the heating and cooling period.

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System components

The 4Eclima system is assembled in parts using the following key elements:

4EBA Active Base Module, adaptable length and width so that it perfectly fits the space to be conditioned. It consists of fin-shaped aluminium profiles with a large surface area and a central groove where the tubing of the hydraulic circuit is inserted. Its front part is covered in insulation to prevent thermal loss. The module has been awarded reaction to fire certification B-s2,d0.

4EPHG galvanised steel profile, additional profile; the active base module is assembled in its interior,

either on a metal framework or primary structure, and it serves as a base to fix the ceiling surface finish material.

4EPEC Elastic Closed Profile, used to fix the pipes inside the active base module.

4ETPR Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipes, form the hydraulic circuit for heat transfer.

Final finish options are wood, gypsum plasterboard, sprayed plaster, vinyl surfaces, metal, textiles, etc., which are mechanically fixed to the 4EBA modules.



How it works

Cooling: Cold water (between 12°C and 16°C) circulates through the pipes, changing the ceiling surface temperature and exchanging radiation energy with human beings (thermal waves).
The water flow is regulated with a proportional three-way valve to achieve maximum thermal quality for the room’s occupants.
The ceiling surface operates as a large-scale, low-temperature thermal transfer terminal.

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Heating: Hot water (temperatures from 30° to 35°) flows through the pipe, changing the temperature of the roof surface to exchange energy by radiation to humans (thermal waves).
The water flow is regulated with a three-way valve in proportion, getting the highest thermal quality in the occupants. Thus, the ceiling surface of terminal functions as a thermal transfer of large area and low temperature terminal element.

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4ESINGLE is characterised by having a single hydraulic circuit in the single 4EBAS active base module. It operates all the installation zones in both the heating and cooling position, using a primary pipe transport assembly to two pipes.

4EDUAL has two hydraulic circuits in each dual 4EBAD active base module to operate both the heating and the cooling in any zone of the building, using a primary transport pipe assembly to four pipes.

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Distinguishing features

The 4Eclima system is a new concept for achieving thermal comfort and a series of factors set it apart from traditional systems:

Thermal uniformity: uniform temperatures across the whole ceiling surface in both the heating and cooling period. There is no thermal imbalance, as is found in air diffusion systems.

Greater power: the adaptable modular structure of the system converts 90% of the total surface into active surface, in comparison with non-adaptable modular systems.


Reliability achieved thanks to its elastic system, which guarantees heat transfer between the parts and expansion absorption.

Easy architectural integration: it can be used with different types of ceiling finish and adapts to any geometric form.



Sustainibility report

4Eclima achieves optimal sustainability based on four key aspects: e4

environmental excellence, as it reduces air movement by 70%, preventing the accumulation of particles that occurs in air diffusion systems. It also eliminates the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria thanks to its direct humidity control, maintaining humidity at a level between 40% and 60%. The 4Eclima system is risk-free because the air treatment units are located outside the conditioned space. Thermal quality is achieved thanks to a uniform thermal exchange and the elimination of annoying air currents. Finally, noise pollution is also eliminated.

efficiency and energy saving of approximately 40% thanks to the insulation provided by the system and the efficient exchange of energy, by radiation, with the occupants of the conditioned space.

Compatibility with other energy production systems (solar, geothermal, heaters, etc.) and the separation of the thermal system and the air treatment system add to the extremely high efficiency and huge financial savings of the 4Eclima system.

ecology, a factor we take into special consideration, as the system reduces CO2 emissions by over 45% and eliminates the use of refrigerant gas inside conditioned spaces, achieving a lower impact from the greenhouse effect. Additional contributing factors are the longer average life of the system (50 years in comparison with 20 years of other systems) and the prevention of sick building syndrome thanks to the direct management and control of humidity.

economy, which is optimised thanks to a reduction in primary energy of over 45%, achieved by minimising preventative and corrective maintenance costs by 70%, and the longer average useful life of the system’s parts.