It adapts
to any type
of building
work, both
new works


New builiding works or refurbishments

The 4Eclima system can be adapted to any type of new building or refurbishment project, and it has significant architectural advantages over traditional climate control systems:

1. Architectural integration and complete freedom when creating spaces.

2. Easy to install.

3. Increased liveable space, as the air treatment system is placed away from these zones.

4. Increased thermal insulation in the conditioned space, thereby reducing heat gain and energy demands.

The ideal
for maximum
higiene and
health in
a building


Residential sector

1. Type

·Single family homes

·Multi-family buildings

2. Advantages over other systems

4Eclimate produces a remarkable sense of comfort due to the uniform temperature created in the living space. It also guarantees greater hygiene for family members, as it reduces air circulation by 70% and directly controls humidity, maintaining it at a level between 40% and 60%. This defect, which is found in traditional climate control systems, often leads to allergies and other infectious diseases.


It is important to highlight that the reduced energy consumption of the system, and the insulation created by its installation, are key factors that affect household finances, creating savings and leading to efficient spending.

by 70%


Service sector

1. Type

·Shopping centres

·Office buildings



·Hospitals and clinics

·Sports centres

2. Advantages over other systems

In addition to the advantages described earlier, 4Eclima provides buildings in the service sector with the advantage of far simpler maintenance, as it is unified and accessible system that is used throughout the building.


The system directly controls humidity, maintaining it at optimal levels, and this has a significant impact on the prevention of sick building syndrome.